Niklas Rudemo

Photographer: Annika Rudemo
Niklas Rudemo is the CEO and co-founder of Qoorp. He also has a keen interest in commercialization of research, and serves as an advisor to multiple startups and is a board member of Locusense, Biosync Technology and Percepio. At Qoorp, he maintains an expert blog on the legal aspects of running a company and a wiki on company related terms. Previously, Niklas was the COO of the text analytics company Gavagai. Prior to that he helped build the SICS spin-off Virtutech into the leader in the field of virtualized systems development, holding various management positions including VP of Marketing and President. After Intel's acquisition of Virtutech, he joined SICS as Business Development Manager. Before joining Virtutech, he was an editor at the engineering weekly Ny Teknik and at the computer magazine Datateknik. He also launched the first Swedish financial news web site, while working for the business weekly Affärsvärlden. He studied computer science at Uppsala University.

+46 708 141 287
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